"The Polyester Embassy"

(P)&©2000 Vicious Grooves, Australia
1. This Is Your Introduction
2. Who The Hell Are You
(Original Mix - Edit)
3. Don't Call Me Baby
(Original Mix - Edit)
4. Do You Like What You See
(Album Mix)
5. Edible French Chic
6. Everything You Need (Original Mix - Edit)
7. She
8. It's Alright (Album Mix)
9. It's Very Alright
10. What Can I Do (Album Mix)
11. Fly (Album Mix)
12. '78 (Album Mix)
13. Don't Call Me Baby
(The Oronez Old School Mix)
14. Everything You Need
(Mobin Master 12" Remix)
15. Who The Hell Are You
(John Course & Andy Van Remix)

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